Little Bo Peep has drawn her sheep…

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” (Albert Einstein)
So, I decided to enter Pocketful Illustration Magazine’s competition titled “Draw me a sheep!” This is what I came up with:
ink, watercolor, colored pencil

ink, watercolor, colored pencil


What do you think?

I titled it “Rise A-baaa-ve” which started as a joke, but became the actual title. Check out the magazine:

I was really excited that it got into the magazine. I was also super thrilled that my illustration of Mistlav Rostropovich got into the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition!


colored pencil

colored pencil


I think I will be going to the Museum of American Illustration in New York city for the opening Gala! That will be great if it works out.



6 thoughts on “Little Bo Peep has drawn her sheep…

  1. These are great. I am impressed with the line work in the sheep composition.The composition in the cellist drawing, with winged elbows out and long legs is great!

  2. This is looking very nice. Very interesting and stylized art, I love it.

    I didn’t really think anyone used the excerpts option. Thanks by the way for linking back to me. I’ll be doing the same.

  3. omg i absoloutely love these illustrations, especially the first one, your style is gorgeous. the sheep with the skinny legs reminded me a bit of tim burtons artwork

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