Doodle Again…

So, I was doodling again, and I was thinking about actually turning some of my work into coffee mugs, or aprons.. What do you think?  I’m not exactly sure how much it would cost, but it would probably be really fun to get in the mail… At least, I’d be excited. 

So, you tell me: Would you  be willing to pay $20 for a mug with owls or some elongated animal illustration on it?

rabbit, jellyfish and fish doodle, Sharpie marker on notebook paper

Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the coffee mugs…or any other product you would like to see me print. I am very serious about this… :)



Back At Last…!

Well, I apologize for the long break, but I am very encouraged with the comments left in my absence (people are reading!).  I have taken a job teaching art to children everyday, ages 5-9, and I love it!  They certainly appreciate my drawing skills as much as I appreciate theirs.

Thought I would leave you with a doodle I did a few weeks ago:

Gorgia Blue, Sharpie Markers on Notebook Paper

I decided to redraw her today with colored pencil, warm colors, and slightly smaller features:

Gorgia Orange, Colored Pencil on Bristol Board

I was so frustrated with my scanner – he refused to connect to the computer, but freaked out whenever I tried to scan anything.  So, the picture quality is a little on the bland side since I had to use my camera… oh, well.

Thanks for reading…I always appreciate feedback!  Remember to leave me your blog addresses too!