Back At Last…!

Well, I apologize for the long break, but I am very encouraged with the comments left in my absence (people are reading!).  I have taken a job teaching art to children everyday, ages 5-9, and I love it!  They certainly appreciate my drawing skills as much as I appreciate theirs.

Thought I would leave you with a doodle I did a few weeks ago:

Gorgia Blue, Sharpie Markers on Notebook Paper

I decided to redraw her today with colored pencil, warm colors, and slightly smaller features:

Gorgia Orange, Colored Pencil on Bristol Board

I was so frustrated with my scanner – he refused to connect to the computer, but freaked out whenever I tried to scan anything.  So, the picture quality is a little on the bland side since I had to use my camera… oh, well.

Thanks for reading…I always appreciate feedback!  Remember to leave me your blog addresses too!



5 thoughts on “Back At Last…!

  1. All of your drawings are magificent however the orange picture is my favorite of them all. You are truly taltented!

  2. I really enjoy looking at your work, as I have accidentally just found it while searching for something totally unrelated.

    If you make prints of some, please let me know.

    • Please feel free to check out my work on eBay. Search for ALMI art and you will be able to view the artwork I currently have for sale – my ACEO originals start at $.01. :)

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