About ALMI

colored pencil


i am motivated.
i am confident.
i am shy.
i am rational.
i am whimsical.
i am mischievous.
i am insomiac.
i am narcoleptic.
i am optomistic.
i am altruistic (most of the time).
i am ingenious (all of the time).
i am interesting.
i am amazing.
i am art.

My favorite color is turquoise and teal. I love my converse. I love my coffee. I love to be dramatic, but I hate drama. I work hard. I am competitive and driven. If I set my mind to something I will figure out a way to accomplish it.

ALMI Art is a combination of fine art pieces and illustrations done by artist ALethea MIddleton. A whimsical style, vibrant colors, and amusing characters give a lively and entertaining perspective to small things in life. With a love for children’s books and all things imaginative, ALMI Art is drawn for the young reader without forgetting the adult audiences.

Contact: almiart@yahoo.com


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