Oh, To Be Loved!

A new piece for Illustration Friday’s contest :: Popularity

ALMI Owls :: Oh, To Be Loved!
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Happy Summer

So, things have been really busy. My dad says, “When it rains it pours” and he is right! I went from having part-time work and trouble finding what I was looking for, to enough work to keep me busy for ages! It’s great, though, and I’m very excited about everything happening. I plan to keep up on this blog, and I really appreciate all the encouragement. It’s much easier if you know people are interested in looking – otherwise you are typing on a blank page for the empty realms of cyberspace.

I’ll leave you with an image of a piece I did last summer for an Art in the Park event, and leave you with the promise of my new stuff to come.  :)


Aubrey Hepburn, Acrylic

Doodle Again…

So, I was doodling again, and I was thinking about actually turning some of my work into products..like coffee mugs, or aprons.. What do you think?  I’m not exactly sure how much it would cost, but it would probably be really fun to get in the mail… At least, I’d be excited. 

So, you tell me: Would you  be willing to pay $20 for a mug with owls or some elongated animal illustration on it?

rabbit, jellyfish and fish doodle, Sharpie marker on notebook paper

Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the coffee mugs…or any other product you would like to see me print. I am very serious about this… :)


crazy busy!

Wow! The last two weeks have certainly been very busy! Finals, then graduation, moving out of the dorms…packing, and unpacking, and then re-packing for vacation! I am leaving for New York tomorrow morning for a few days, then heading down to Florida – and stopping in DC and Pennsylvania on the way down! SO, I apologize for the infrequent posts, but they will definitely pick up in June, and perhaps I will even be able to post while I’m on vacation!

I haven’t had a chance to upload anything new, but I don’t want to leave you without any work. Here are a few things I’ve worked on in the past years of school:

Class Study, Acrylic, 2007

Class Study, Acrylic, 2007

My prof and some of his favorite past times.

James Brown, colored pencil and watercolor pencil, 2007

James Brown, colored pencil and watercolor pencil, 2007

James Brown and Co. for a Tribute to the Fro: 1960 series I did.

Bob Dylan, Colored Pencil, 2008

Bob Dylan, Colored Pencil, 2008


A Bob Dylan Christmas present I was commissioned for.
 Enjoy and please leave comments. Oh, and PLEASE leave website addresses or blog sites so I can visit your work too! Many of the comments give me no way to stay in touch with people looking at my work!  :)

the violinist

 Another illustration of a musician in colored pencil:
Itzhak Perlman, colored pencil, 2009

Itzhak Perlman, colored pencil, 2009

Another piece from my promotional series on white backgrounds. A little less elongated than Mistlav Rostropovich (see below), but I didn’t want to lose Perlman’s thickness. This illustration is obviously of a younger Perlman.

Let me know what you think!


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back cover of catalogue


I just found out that my illustration of Mistlav Rostropovich, which was accepted into the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition Show, will be featured on the back of the catalogue!

Society of Illustrators, Student Competition cover, 2009

Society of Illustrators, Student Competition cover, 2009

I am thrilled that I have the honor of more publicity, and the cover looks wonderful!

In the student competition, hundreds of schools enter work. Out of 5,600 entries, only 144 are selected for the show, which opens in the Museum of American Illustration in New York from May 6 – June 6. It is an honor to even be allowed into the show, but to be chosen for a spot on the cover is just wonderful.

All of my professors have been extremely supportive and excited for me. Everyone in the art department knows about this (which can be embarrassing!) but it’s great to have the confidence boost.

Graduation: one week from tomorrow.
“I think I can, I think I can……..I think I can!”

– crazylady

Little Bo Peep has drawn her sheep…

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” (Albert Einstein)
So, I decided to enter Pocketful Illustration Magazine’s competition titled “Draw me a sheep!” This is what I came up with:
ink, watercolor, colored pencil

ink, watercolor, colored pencil


What do you think?

I titled it “Rise A-baaa-ve” which started as a joke, but became the actual title. Check out the magazine: http://www.pocketfulmag.com/

I was really excited that it got into the magazine. I was also super thrilled that my illustration of Mistlav Rostropovich got into the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition!


colored pencil

colored pencil


I think I will be going to the Museum of American Illustration in New York city for the opening Gala! That will be great if it works out.


Here I am…

Hello world, welcome to my blog!

“Insane people are always sure they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.” (Nora Ephron)

2009, colored pencil, 10x10"
2009, colored pencil, 10×10″


My name is Alethea Gerardot. I am an illustrator based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I work with traditional illustration as well as graphic design. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions! I want to hear from you, and hope to meet many people through this blog. I plan to upload illustrations I am working on, as well as the things that inspire me!